It’s still hard to say no

August 30, 2009

I just went back to work this week after summer vacation.  I’ve gone out to eat for lunch or dinner every day this week.  I’m definitely making up for last month of gas and groceries!  It’s just really hard not to give in; not to have that immediate gratification I get from enjoying a nice meal with friends.  I have felt really guilty about it, and I have not found a single way to justify it.

I guess on one hand I should remain positive because I’m not trying to justify these expenses.  In the past that’s what I would have done.  I also know that this pattern of dining out is only for this week.  My life of brown bag lunches will resume next week.

One Response to “It’s still hard to say no”

  1. JJS said

    In my case, it’s just a bad habit. I am so accustomed to asking myself, “what do you feel like?” The answer is never, “like going home and cooking” so I go out or pick up, etc. I think if I could break the habit of asking myself what I feel like and just doing what I need to do (bring/cook my meals) I will be amazed at the money I will save. I am trying to stop asking myself what do I feel like doing and instead remind myself that I don’t want to live such a haphazard life of doing whatever my flesh feels like doing. I would like to take back control. Dave Ramsey always says we should stop asking where our money has gone and instead start telling our money where it is going. I think of it as living purposely.

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