The best blog post I’ve read in a really long time!

August 18, 2009

I just read this really awesome (and timely) post called How to Save More Money By Doing Less that gives guidance to people like me who have knowing where to focus when trying to save money.  The author, Ramit Sethi, theorizes that people oftentimes try to do much when setting savings goals – worrying about $4 here and $2 there – whereas they should just pick two areas of their lives where they could save money.

Once you determine those two areas, you give yourself six months to cut that budget category by between 25-33%.  Instead of trying to do it all at once, you incrementally reduce your spending.  Sethi recommends that you pick two areas because if you get side-tracked on one for a month, at least you are still making progress on the other one.

So, my two areas are going to be

  1. Eating out – restaurants and fast food
  2. Shopping – by asking myself at each purchase “Do I need this or can I get by with what I already have?”

What are two things you could do?

One Response to “The best blog post I’ve read in a really long time!”

  1. BDO said

    I suggest adding one more question to the shopping category. “Can I buy this used?” Good luck and God Bless on your journey to limit those two categories.

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