Unexpected major expenses

August 9, 2009

It seems like when I start to feel really great about my spending habits and our money situation in general, reality always finds a way to wake me up.  I just found out that I need to get some work done on my car that’s going to cost about $700.  Now is one of the times that I really regret our debt situation because if we didn’t have huge debt payments each month, unexpected expenses like this wouldn’t hurt so much.  We should be able to pay cash for the repairs although that money was going to go into our emergency fund that we had to tap into and basically drain last month.  So frustrating!

2 Responses to “Unexpected major expenses”

  1. JJS said

    Don’t give up. Just keep moving forward. It’s a bump in the road. I think things like this happen to show us that we really do need an emergency fund. We roll along so long with everything working out and we get comfortable with our debt as long as we can make the payments. I, too, had finally made it two consecutive months making a deposit into my emergency fund and it all fell apart this month. It’s the 10th of the month and I have already drained my new emergency fund. A friend of mine, for whom I had done some work, wrote me a check ($150) that bounced, after I had already spent the money. (2) My daughter wanted bedding from Pottery Barn for her birthday so in trying to save money, I bought a $125 gift certificate (on ebay for $113) to pay for it. After I bought the gift card, she changed her mind and found bedding at Penneys. Now, I have a $125 pottery barn gift certificate and I had to buy the one she picked out from Penneys. And, finally, and shamefully, I fell for some stupid Internet scam that took $80 out of my checking account! I will get that money back (I believe). I think God is trying to gently show me that I need to get control of my finances. My fear is if I don’t learn from this easy lesson, the next lesson may be more painful.

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