30 Days Challenge – Checking in

August 7, 2009

I have one more week left in my challenge, and I’ve done pretty good at controlling my spending.  My biggest weakness comes when my daughter asks me to buy her things.  I just hate hearing her cry or complain about not getting something she wants.  But, I also know that she needs to learn now that she can’t get everything she wants so she doesn’t end up with my messed up buying habits when she gets older.  Now that she has an allowance, it’s getting better since she has a better concept of what money is and is beginning to understand that you have to make choices.

I have really enjoyed the focus this 30 days challenge is giving me.  I would love to hear some suggestions from you all as to what I could do for the next 30 days.

3 Responses to “30 Days Challenge – Checking in”

  1. JJS said

    Paying off my debt seemed overwhelming. So, I have started one piece at a time. I destroyed all of my credit cards and deleted the cookies on my computer so I could not use them online. That was step 1. My second step and I know it is small, but I realized I was spending about $45.00 just buying a coke everyday — one coke. Believe it or not, that has been harder than not having my mastercard. But when I looked at what that $1.50 habit was costing in a month, I decided I am not willing to spend $45 a month for one coke a day. I can spend that $45 on other stuff so I don’t have to charge.

  2. Yellow Piggy said

    My roommate and I did an electricity experiment and it decrease our bill. We made sure we turn off lights when we were not in the room, unplug phone/commuter chargers when not being used, don’t leave the tv running and adjust the thermostat while at work.

    Define your overall financilal path by listing (in order of priority) milestones for paying off debt and savings.

    Make a cash flow plan for each paycheck giving each dollar an assignment. Then pay your bills the day you get paid. This can lead into other activites like determine areas where you can consider cutting cost.

    Go through bills to see is you are paying for services that you do not use or didn’t know about.

    • rachelabc28 said

      What a great idea! I think that might be my challenge for next month! I always think that our utilities are these fixed expenses every month, but we actually do have control over our consumption. Thanks for reminding me of that!

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